Syd Barrett Books

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Crazy Diamond - Syd Barrett & the Dawn of Pink Floyd

Authors: Mike Watkinson and Pete Anderson
Publisher: Omnibus Press, 1991, ISBN 0-7119-2397-3
Synopsis: An excellent biography of Syd Barrett, the founder and inspiration of Pink Floyd. The book details Syd's life from his days as a child up through current times. Includes numerous photos, an appendix indicating where the people referred to in the book are now, and a Syd Barrett discography. Recommended reading.


Syd Barrett - A Fish Out of Water

Authors: Luca Ferrari and Annie Marie Roulin
Publisher: Sonic Book 2, Autumn 1996, Italy, ISBN 88-7226-320-4, 120 pages
Synopsis: A CD size book about Syd Barrett. Written in both Italian and English (the English translation is not the best as it has incorrect syntax and other grammatical errors), it includes the story of Syd, photos of Syd Barrett and the Pink Floyd, an interview with Rosemary Breen in Cambridge (interview conducted on February 15, 1994 and August 15, 1995), pictures of Syd's artwork, a discography (includes official releases, videos, radio appearances, Stars live performances, bootlegs, unreleased songs, tributes to Syd Barrett and covers), a bibliography, a listing of Syd Barrett fanzines, Syd Barrett on the Internet and a 3 inch CD of (I'm a) King Bee and Lucy Lea (in Blue Tight) by the Architectural Abdabs. The most interesting aspect of this book is the interview with Rosemary Breen, Syd's sister, since she is the person closest to Syd these days and pictures of his art.

Syd Barrett - The Making of the Madcap Laughs

Author: Malcolm Jones
Synopsis: A private issue book detailing 1966-1968 session dates, musicians, take numbers and a listing Pink Floyd sessions and gigs.

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Syd Barrett - The Mick Rock Photo Sessions

Author: Mick Rock
Synopsis: Photo book of Syd Barrett photos taken for the Madcap Laugh album. Released as part of the Madcap Laughs box set.

Syd Barrett - Tatuato Sul Muro - L'Enigma di Syd Barrett

Author: Luca Ferrari
Publisher: Italian Rockbooks, 1986
Synopsis: An Italian book, written in Italian, on the story of Syd Barrett.

Syd Barrett - Where is the Madcap Called Syd?

Author: Luca Ferrari
Synopsis: An Italian book, written in Italian, about Syd Barrett. Includes lyrics.

Lost In the Woods - Syd Barrett and the Pink Floyd

Author: Julian Palacios
Publisher: Boxtree Books, 1998, ISBN 0-7522-2328-3, 344 pages.
Synopsis: The Syd Barrett story. Includes a discography, sessionography, public appearances, bibliography, and influences.

Books related to Syd Barrett

Crazy Diamond screenplay

Author: Ted Shuttleworth
Publishing Information: 1996, Registered WGAw #604745, 130 pages.
Synopsis: The original screenplay for the movie Crazy Diamond, based on the story of Syd Barrett. This movie was never made.

The Dark Stuff - Selected Writings on Rock Music 1972-1993

Author: Nick Kent
Publisher: Penguin Books, 1994, ISBN 0-14-023046-7
Synopsis: A collection of articles by Nick Kent, a former writer for New Musical Express. Includes an article called The Cracked Ballad of Syd Barrett. Also includes articles on Brian Wilson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roky Erickson, Brian Jones, The Rolling Stones, The New York Dolls, Lou Reed, Sid Vicious, Elvis Costello, Morrissey, Shane McGowan, Guns n' Roses, Stone Roses, Iggy Pop, Miles Davis, Roy Orbison and Neil Young.

A Photographic Record 1969-1980

Author: Mick Rock
Publisher: Century 22 Limited, U.K., 1995, hardcover, ISBN 0-907938-11-6, 128 pages.
Synopsis: An excellent book of the photography of Mick Rock. Includes various photos of Syd Barrett from photography sessions in London in the Summer of 1969 and 1971. Also includes photos of David Bowie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Queen, Genesis, Debbie Harry, Johnny Rotten and others.

Rock Bottom - Dark Moments in Music Babylon

Author: Pamela Des Barres
Publisher: St. Martin's Press, 1996, ISBN 0-312-14853-4, 320 pages.
Synopsis: A collection of stories about Rock and Roll tragedies. Chapter One is about Syd Barrett and includes some interesting stories about Syd.

Unknown Legends of Rock n' Roll - Psychedelic Unknowns, Mad Geniuses, Punk Pioneers, Lo-Fi Mavericks & More

Author: by Richie Unterberger
Publisher: Miller Freeman Books, 1998, ISBN 0-87930-534-7, 422 pages.
Synopsis: Profiles of 61 different musicians/bands. Includes a chapter on Syd Barrett, plus numerous other overlooked performers, such as The Creation, The Deviants, Tomorrow, The United States of America, and Robert Wyatt. Includes a CD of rare songs by 12 different artists.