Pink Floyd Books

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  1. A Collectors Guide to Pink Floyd Audio Recordings
    1966-1983 & solo tours

    Author: Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives
    Publisher: PFA private printing, latest edition 1998, 76 pages
    Synopsis: A privately issued booklet that covers Pink Floyd and related audio recordings. Every known live Pink Floyd recording from 1966 to 1983, plus recordings of solo tours, are listed chronologically with venue, date, length of recording and quality of recording. Additionally, every song on each recording is cataloged with timings. Also included is a listing of bogus and mislabeled tapes.



  2. A Collectors Guide to Pink Floyd Video Recordings

    Author: Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives
    Publisher: PFA private printing, latest edition 1998, 76 pages.
    Synopsis: A privately issued booklet listing all known Pink Floyd and related videos. Sections include Live and Promo Videos, Specials & Interviews, Related Videos, and Movies with Pink Floyd Involvement. Every video is listed chronologically with venue, date, length and quality of recording. Additionally, every song on each video is listed with it's timing.



  3. The Complete Guide to the Music of Pink Floyd

    Author: Andy Mabbett
    Publisher: Omnibus Press, 1995, ISBN 0-7119-4301-X, OP47735, 150 pages.
    Synopsis: A CD-sized book that features an album-by-album, track-by-track explanation of every song released by Pink Floyd. Includes overseas compilations, solo recordings, and many photos.



  4. Echoes - The Stories Behind Every Pink Floyd Song

    Author: Cliff Jones
    Publisher: Omnibus Press, 1996, ISBN 0 7119 5571 9, 176 pages.
    Synopsis: A book that examines every Pink Floyd song. Includes listings of musicians, recording dates, details, producer, and commentary for each song, plus a chronology, discography, and book listing. Unfortunately there are many factual errors in this book.



  5. The Echoes FAQ

    Authors: The members of the Echoes mailing list.
    Publisher: The Echoes mailing list.
    Synopsis: The Echoes FAQ is a "Frequently Asked Questions" compilation of the Echoes Internet mailing list, an electronic Pink Floyd forum. This document is a valuable source of Pink Floyd information, and an essential Pink Floyd reference work.



  6. Embryo - A Pink Floyd Chronology 1966-1971

    Authors: Rick Hodges and Ian Priston
    Publisher: Cherry Red Books, 1998, ISBN 1-901447-07-3, 302 pages.
    Synopsis: A chronological study of the early works of Pink Floyd, from 1966 to 1971. Yearly listings include studio recording dates, concert performances, press quotes, and analyses of events by the authors.



  7. A Journey Through Time and Space with Pink Floyd

    Authors: Compiled by Jon Rosenberg, Pat Ammentorp and Dave Claussen
    Publisher: Private release. First printing October 1988. Second printing July 1990. 88 pages. Currently out of print.
    Synopsis: An excellent reference work for dates and events throughout Pink Floyd's history. Includes a day-by-day listing of every Pink Floyd event, including recording sessions, performances, and TV and radio appearances. "A precise calendar of everything Floydian."



  8. Le Livre du Pink Floyd

    Authors: Alain Dister, Jacques LeBlanc and Udo Woehrle
    Publisher: Albin Michel/Rock & Folk, 1978, ISBN 2-226-00622-2, 120 pages.
    Synopsis: An excellent French book on the history of Pink Floyd. Although written in French, it includes numerous rare photos from Pink Floyd's many visits to France and a Chrono-Discographie.



  9. Mind Over Matter - The Images of Pink Floyd

    Authors: Compiled and designed by Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon. Text by Storm Thorgerson.
    First edition: Sanctuary Publishing, October 1997, hardcover, ISBN 1-86074-206-8, 176 pages.
    Second edition: Sanctuary Publishing, 2000, softcover, ISBN 1-86074-268-8, 192 pages.
    Synopsis: An excellent visual history of the images of Pink Floyd by photographer and graphic designer Storm Thorgerson, the man behind many of the Pink Floyd album covers, and one of the founders of the graphic design company, Hipgnosis. Each Pink Floyd album is examined and explained, with many behind-the scenes anecdotes.



  10. One of These Days

    Author: Naoki Tachikawa
    Publisher: Shinko Muysic Publishing Co., 1992, ISBN 41401-61410-0, 237 pages.
    Synopsis: A Japanese book, written in Japanese, about Pink Floyd. Includes photos.



  11. Pink Floyd

    Author: Jason Rich
    Publisher: Carlton Books, 1994, ISBN 1-85868-066-2, 120 pages
    Synopsis: A CD sized book with the Pink Floyd story, photos and a discography.



  12. Pink Floyd

    Author: William Ruhlman
    Publisher: Smithmark Publishers, 1993, hardcover, ISBN 0-8317-6912-2, 96 pages
    Synopsis: A history of Pink Floyd with photos and a poster.



  13. Pink Floyd

    Author: Rick Sanders
    Publisher: Futura Publications, 1976, ISBN 0-8600-7264-9, 143 pages.
    Synopsis: One of the first books about the story of Pink Floyd.



  14. Pink Floyd

    Author: Jurgen Seibold
    Publisher: V.I.P., Very Important Paperback Music, 1993, Germany, ISBN 3-552-05088-4, 80 pages.
    Synopsis: A color paperback book, written in German, about the history of Pink Floyd. Includes numerous color photographs from all different historical periods and a discography.



  15. Pink Floyd

    Author: Naoki Tachikawa
    Publisher: Shinko Muysic Publishing Co., 1978, 0073-61049-3129, 287 pages.
    Synopsis: A Japanese book, written in Japanese, about Pink Floyd. Includes photos.



  16. Pink Floyd -Another Brick - The Illustrated Pink Floyd Story

    Publisher: Omnibus Press, 1984, ISBN 0-7119-0521-5, 72 pages.
    Synopsis: Reissue of the book, Pink Floyd - The Illustrated Discography.



  17. Pink Floyd Back-Stage - Another Lapse from the Inside

    Author: Bob Hassall
    Publisher: Made in Italy, October 1991, 66 pages.
    Synopsis: A limited edition (1000) book by a fan about his travels to see Pink Floyd.



  18. Pink Floyd BootlegsAuthor: Raymond Steeg
    Synopsis: A private catalog of Pink Floyd bootlegs.



  19. Pink Floyd - Bricks in the WallAuthor: Karl Dallas
    Publisher: Spi Books, U.S., 1987, ISBN 1-56171-132-2, 193 pages.
    Synopsis: A pocket paperback book on the history of Pink Floyd. Includes a synopsis of The Wall film, photos, and a Roger Waters interview.



  20. Pink Floyd - Collectors Book

    Author: John Lisners
    Publisher: Point Publications, 1998, ISBN 1-84069-010-0, 97 pages.
    Synopsis: A CD sized book that accompanies the CD Pink Floyd-Star Profile. Another brief history of the band, with photos and discography.



  21. Pink Floyd Concert Appearances

    Author: Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives
    Publisher: private printing, 1996, 1997, 1998, discontinued, 60 pages.
    Synopsis: A book that lists every Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Roger Waters concert appearance. Includes separate categories for Years and Albums, Benefit Concerts, Festival Appearances, Radio and TV Appearances, Major Tours and Other Significant Concert Appearances. This book has been incorporated into The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia.



  22. Pink Floyd - Dortmund '81

    Authors: Hans Rombeck and Frank Konig
    Publisher: Bastei Lubbe, 1981, West Germany, ISBN 3-404-60052-5, 234 pages.
    Synopsis: A pocket paperback book, written in German, about the history of Pink Floyd and their Wall shows in Dortmund, West Germany in February 1981. Includes numerous live color and black & white photos, a discography and a history of significant dates.



  23. Pink Floyd - Elektronischer Rock in Vollendung

    Authors: Paul Sahner and Thomas Veszelits
    Publisher: Heyne Discothek, 1980, West Germany, ISBN 3-453-80044-3, 175 pages.
    Synopsis: A pocket paperback book, written in German, about Pink Floyd and their use of electronics. Includes numerous black and white photos and a discography of Pink Floyd.



  24. The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia

    Author: Vernon Fitch
    Publisher: CG Publishing, first edition November 1998, second edition November 1999, ISBN 1-896522-44-0, 448 pages.
    Synopsis: An in-depth reference work by Vernon Fitch of The Pink Floyd Archives. This book includes the Pink Floyd Reference Encyclopedia, a listing of Pink Floyd and solo member concert dates, an historical look at Pink Floyd's equipment throughout the years, and an examination of the Publius phenomenon. Also included with the book is a special CD of Hawkwind performing the Pink Floyd song Interstellar Overdrive, commissioned exclusively for release with this book.
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  25. Pink Floyd - Guide des Compact Disc Pirates

    Publisher: Pigs (Three Diferent Ones), France, edition 5.1, December 1995, 62 pages.
    Synopsis: A French booklet, written in French, listing all the Pink Floyd bootleg CDs. Includes name of CD, length, label, matrix number, date, sources and song titles.



  26. Pink Floyd - The Illustrated Discography

    Author: Compiled by Miles
    Publisher: Omnibus Press, ISBN 0-86001-783-4, reissued as Pink Floyd - Another Brick, 84 pages.
    Synopsis: A 1981 discography of Pink Floyd. Covers British releases only. Includes some session work albums, and bootlegs.



  27. Pink Floyd - An Illustrated History

    Author: Patrick Humphries
    Publisher: Chameleon, 1997, hardcover, ISBN 0 233 99174 3, 120 pages.
    Synopsis: The history of Pink Floyd as told by a rock journalist.



  28. Pink Floyd: In the Flesh - the complete performance historyAuthors: Glenn Povey and Ian Russell
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing, 1997, ISBN 0 74745 3293 1, 256 pages.
    Synopsis: A book about Pink Floyd performance history over the years. Includes a history of Pink Floyd, yearly concert summaries with dates, set lists, live photos and pictures of memorabilia, plus a discography section.



  29. Pink Floyd: The Labyrinth Through the Fancyscope

    Authors: Sohnosuke Imai and Nobukazu Takahashi
    Publisher: Hachiman Media Publishers, Inc., 1997, ISBN4-89350-323-5, 311 pages.
    Synopsis: A Japanese book that explores Pink Floyd's influences with Greek mythology and transpersonal psychology. For additional information see Pink Floyd Fancyscope home page.



  30. Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly

    Author: Chris Welch
    Publisher: Castle Communications, 1994, ISBN 1-898141-70-3, 160 pages.
    Synopsis: A book on Pink Floyd with lots of photos. Contains many factual errors.



  31. Pink Floyd - Live Tapes Re-Wound 1965-1981

    Author: Paul Houlston
    Publisher: private publication, 1996, 181 pages.
    Synopsis: A book that reviews Pink Floyd live tapes with a listing of setlists, show identifications and bogus tapes. Also includes a listing of bootleg CDs and their identifications.



  32. Pink Floyd Lyric Book

    Author: Lyrics by Roger Waters
    Publisher: Blandford Press, 1982, ISBN 0-71371-280-5, 79 pages.
    Synopsis: A U.K. book with a Roger Waters interview and complete lyrics for Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and the Wall.



  33. Pink Floyd - Manual Rock 4

    Author: Luca Ferrari
    Publisher: Arcana Editrice, 1985, ISBN 88-85008-75-7, 192 pages.
    Synopsis: An Italian book, written in Italian, about Pink Floyd.



  34. Pink Floyd 1965-1987

    Author: Stefano Magnani
    Publisher: Italian Rockbooks, 1988, 174 pages.
    Synopsis: A Italian book, written in Italian, covering the Pink Floyd Story and a Pink Floyd discography.



  35. Pink Floyd - Noen Innfallsvinkler til en Analyse av Rockgruppas Plateproduksjon

    Author: Stale Reinamo
    Publisher: University paper, Hovedoppgave, Musikkvitenskapelig Institutt, Universitetet I Trondheim, Norges laererhogskole, Trondheim 1982, 218 pages.
    Synopsis: A Norweigan analysis of Pink Floyd. Includes a history, ideology, analysis of six albums, a discography, and a look at a 1973 technical stage production.



  36. Pink Floyd - Shine On

    Authors: Compiled by Nick Mason, David Gilmour and Storm Thorgerson
    Publisher: A book that accompanies the Pink Floyd-Shine On CD Boxed Set, 1992, 112 pages.
    Synopsis: The story so far, including history, lyrics and photos.



  37. Pink Floyd Story

    Author: Giancarlo Radice
    Publisher: Gammalibri Milano, 1984, 111 pages.
    Synopsis: An Italian book, written in Italian, about Pink Floyd.



  38. Pink Floyd - Story & Discography

    Publisher: Carlton Books Ltd., Japanese Exceed Press Pop Culture Series, 1999, ISBN 4-89369-739-0, 160 pages.
    Synopsis: This Pink Floyd book, written in Japanese, includes the history and a discography of Pink Floyd. Unfortunately, although this is a Japanese book, the discography is of the British releases. Includes albums, singles, and session work, with pictures.



  39. Pink Floyd - Tear-Out Photo Book

    Publisher: Oliver Books, U.K., 1993, ISBN: 1 870049 51 9, 44 pages.
    Synopsis: A large full color book of 20 tear-out photos of Pink Floyd. Includes a bit of Pink Floyd history on the back of each photo.



  40. Pink Floyd - The Official History

    Author: Nick Mason
    Publisher: Unreleased, November 1995, ISBN 0-684-81600-8, 256 pages
    Synopsis: Not the complete book, just a promo BLAD for the release of the book. Includes full color front and back covers, liner notes, release information, and 12 actual glossy full color pages of the book with unreleased pictures.



  41. Pink Floyd - The Records

    Author: Andreas Kraska
    Publisher: Buchverlag Michael Schwinn, 1988, ISBN 3-925077-10-3, 201 pages.
    Synopsis: An excellent German book, written in German, that includes discographies from Germany, U.K., Italy, U.S., and Japan of Pink Floyd singles, EPs, LPs, and CDs. Also includes an excellent discography of vinyl bootlegs, plus a biography, fanzines, and tour dates.



  42. Pink Floyd - The Visual Documentary

    Authors: Miles and Andy Mabbett
    Omnibus Press, 1980, ISBN 0-399-41001-4 (first edition)
    Omnibus Press, 1988, ISBN 0-7119-1444-3 (21st anniversary edition)
    Omnibus Press, 1994, ISBN 0-7119-4109-2, (25th Anniversary Edition)
    Synopsis: An excellent look at the history of Pink Floyd in pictures. This is a large full color book detailing the history of the band with many rare photos, a complete chronology and a comprehensive discography including solo works.



  43. Pink Floyd - The Wall

    Publisher: Avon Books, 1982, ISBN 0-380-81521-4
    Synopsis: A U.K. book with the complete lyrics and action stills from the movie The Wall.



  44. Pink Floyd - The Wall 80 / 81 - Performed Live - A Visual Documentary

    Publisher: Music Minded, Netherlands, March 2000, 84 pages.
    Synopsis: A limited edition book of 750 copies made for the presentation of Is There Anybody Out There?, March 23, 2000 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This book contains photographs of Pink Floyd performing The Wall live, by Hjalmar den Ouden, Bert Hankes, and Peter Koks.



  45. Pink Floyd - The Wall - Press Information

    Publisher: 1982, MGM, 53 pages
    Synopsis: A collection of promotional materials for the Pink Floyd movie The Wall. Includes The Making of the Film, Brick by Brick, From My View by Alan Parker, complete credits, the story, Pink Floyd discography, biographies, and 13 promo photos.



  46. Pink Floyd - The Wall screenplay

    Author: Roger Waters
    Publisher: Draft - May 8, 1981, 117 pages
    Synopsis: The original screenplay for The Wall movie by Roger Waters. Includes explanations of scenes, lyrics, and rough sketches of ideas.



  47. Pink Floyd - Through the eyes of . . . the band, its fans, friends and foes

    Author: Edited by Bruno MacDonald
    Publisher: Sidgwick and Jackson, 1996, ISBN 0 283 06273 8, 348 pages.
    Synopsis: An interesting collection of articles written about Pink Floyd from all the different years of their existence. Includes articles from Melody Maker, New Musical Express, Disc and Music Echo, International Times, Rolling Stone, Spin, ICE, Sounds, The Amazing Pudding and more.



  48. Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine

    Author: Jordi Bianciotto
    Publisher: Colleccion Imagenes de Rock, Editorial La Mascara 1994, ISBN 84-7974-081-7, 80 pages.
    Synopsis: Spanish book, written in Spanish, about the history of Pink



  49. Saucerful of Secrets - The Pink Floyd Odyssey

    Author: Nicholas Schaffner
    Publisher: Harmony Books, 1991, ISBN 0-517-57608-2, first edition hardcover, 348 pages.
    Synopsis: A biography of Pink Floyd. Includes many behind the scenes stories about the band and insights into their music. Also includes photos, a selected discography with peak chart positions and a collection of great setlists.



  50. Which One's Pink

    Author: by Phil Rose
    Publisher: Collector's Guide Publishing, 1998, 1-89652217-3, 192 pages
    Synopsis: An analysis of the concept albums of Roger Waters and Pink Floyd. Covers The Dark Side of the Moon through The Final Cut.